DOMESTIC VIOLENCE – لعنف المنزلي

Check the links below. You might find one that can help you or a family member:

تحقق من الروابط أدناه. قد تجد ما قد يساعدك أو يساعد أحد أفراد العائلة:


FOR WOMEN: [للسيدات: ]

Topic “Family Violence” in Arabic – total of 55 documents: Health


The United Muslim Women Association is a community-based welfare organisation that caters to the welfare, social, educational, religious and recreational needs of Muslim women of all background: Sydney Homeless Connect


Northern Community Legal Centre – Information about Domestic Violence in Arabic




Confidential information, counselling and support service for Women: 1800 RESPECT ORG


FOR MEN: [للرجال: ]

Men’s Domestic Violence Helpline | Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria –

National sexual assault, domestic and family violence counselling and information referral service, available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.: 1800 RESPECT ORG



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